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Avon   RoadRider

When you rely on your bike as everyday transport, you want tires that combine outstanding performance with long life; that's why you choose Avon's Roadrider.

Single tires from $96.43 to $162.26

The Roadrider's rubber compound is specially formulated to give excellent roadholding year-round, while its carcass design provides a large 'footprint' at all lean angles. This tyre's high performance credentials are reinforced by the fact that all Roadriders are speed rated up to 149mph (240kph).

  • Ideal for mid-range bikes
  • Large contact patch for excellent grip at all lean angles
  • 149mph/240kmh speed rating across the range
  • Central tread grooves to resist ‘white-lining’
  • Comprehensive range of sizes – from modern to more traditional
  • Performance upgrade for classic and vintage motorcycles

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