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Bridgestone   BT-014

BT014    Category: Street    Application: Ultra High Performance Sport

Single tires from $128.19 to $128.19

3D C.T.D.M. (Comprehensive Tire Design Method) is advanced tire design technology that enables dynamic, three-dimensional simulations of tire performance to find optimum design at all lean angles

Comprehensive tire design method allows the tire to maintain contact pressure at all lean angles to improve handling and cornering performance

BT014 front features new kevlar cross-belt construction for light handling, improved feedback & stability

BT014 rear features cap/base compound with new bead construction and steel mono-spiral belt technology to offer high speed stability and superior handling

BT014 utilizes a new silica compound formulated with technology from MotoGP tire development for outstanding grip in all conditions

Innovative tread design to improve traction, shock absorption, wet performance and noise reduction

Ultra high performance radial designed for the aggressive street rider

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