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Metzeler   ME880 Marathon

Premium line dedicated to cruiser and heavy touring bikes, featuring
high-tech construction with fashionable design

  • Soft compound for high grip allowing to exploit great torque output with total control
  • Machine-specific carcass construction for exceptional riding comfort and stability at all speeds, even under heavy load
  • Tread pattern design with offset central groove's alignment providing very high mileage for never-ending riding fun


Single tires from $117.09 to $349.85

HIGH LEVEL OF RIDING COMFORT: Due to machine-specific optimized
carcass construction as a result of reduced tread curvature in the center
of the tire tread. Larger contact patch when running straight, high mileage,
reduced rolling noise and increased riding comfort.Convincing
straight line stability due to specially developed tread design
for dedicated touring sizes

RELIABLE HANDLING: By using high-grip tread compound, while at the
same time, providing high mileage due to increased tread depth

MILEAGE: Advanced Silica Compound reduces rolling resistance, which increases mileage. Advanced Silica compounding allows softer compounds to be used, while retaining high mileage

Wet Grip: Advanced Silica Compound-combined with tread pattern, significantly increases wet grip

 RIDE COMFORT: Softer ride due to high-quality construction materials.
Metzeler’s advanced carcass materials provide customers with an
exceptional ride and precise handling, but require more air pressure.
(Maximum sidewall pressure - 2 up riding)

No circumferential grooves in the pattern, will not lock into directional
grooves or ridgescombined with tread pattern, significantly increases wet grip.

MATCHING FRONT & REAR TREAD PATTERNS: Over 62 sizes available, up to 300nnm with matching front and rear pattern.

0° STEEL BELT Resists centrifugal growth and tire deformation, creating a more stable contact patch, aiding traction and extending tire life. Many ME880's including the 240,260,280, and new 300 feature 0° steel belt

SPEC TIRES: G and GL Spec Tires: For Honda GL1800 and H Spec front for Honda VTX 1800C.

SPEC TIRES: New radial fitment for Kawasaki VN 2000.

SPEC TIRES: Bias-belted fitment for BMW K1200 LT.

SPEC TIRES: New D Spec 160/70-17 for Dynas and Dueces.

SPEC TIRES:  For Yamaha Star Raider

STAGE ONE UPGRADE: Yamaha Stratoliner, Roadliner and Warrior.

STAGE ONE UPGRADE: Kawasaki 1600 Nomad and Classic.


the Future, Tradition for Your Soul. Reinforced bias belted construction
rewards the rider with increased mileage and load carrying capabilities
that surpass many OEM tires.
Great ride comfort, perfect wet and dry performance due to Metzeler
tread patterns and compounds.

Once again, Metzeler shows its commitment to the V-twin market by
introducing the ME880 in alphanumeric sizes. With the same light
handling, smooth, quiet rolling characteristics and wet performance of
the ME880, these mileage-proven sizes are perfectly matched, original
replacement equipment for your Harley-Davidson.

For many years, Metzeler has been supporting its dealers and interacting
with consumers at events across North America. All of this experience
of working with thousands of Metzeler users has brought one major point to
the surface: Metzeler users need to understand the importance of the tire
pressures suggested by the company to reap all of the benefits engineered
into the ME880 lineup. We have found that many consumers are running
their tires under inflated and below our suggested minimums.
The fitment data in this brochure not only helps you find the ME880’s for
your particular motorcycle, it also give  you the miniumum and maximum air pressures suggested by Metzeler based on hundreds of hours of testing.

Finally, running air pressures near the maximum as listed on the sidewall of  the tires will reward the consumer with higher mileage and increased overall satisfaction with our product.
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