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Michelin   Power One

Power One   Dual Compound Tires for Track Days and Competition

Single tires from $154.37 to $271.59

Find the right tire for your bike!

Three years in development, the new MICHELIN® Power One™ range is the product of true torture testing, covering more than 80,000 miles, some 35,000 laps, on over 30 circuits around the world. Under the relentless pace of more than 130 different test riders, on both production bikes and 200-horsepower race bikes, 350 different prototype tires were evaluated in more than 116 tests, to help deliver winning potential in every race. No matter what your ambition, you'll find the ideal tire in the MICHELIN® Power One™ range,whether it's for track days, a local race series or a national championship.

 Two Compound Technology (2CT): Four all-new tread compounds (two for the front and two for the rear) help to dramatically improve damp/wet grip, warm-up time and low temperature performance, compared with previous MICHELIN® tires. These new tread compounds were optimized for the demands of on-road sport riding and track days, with high levels of performance throughout a wide range of temperatures.

Synthetic Component Technology (SCT): MRSE (Michelin Racing Synthetic Elastomers) compounds combined with HTSC (High Tech Synthetic Compound) resins, help promote ultra-fast warm-up and outstanding grip.


Near Slick Technology (NST): Tread grooves cover only 5% of the tire's surface, helping to maximize rubber contact with the track. The resulting traction helps facilitate lean angles approaching 60°.


Construction: Power One™ tires incorporate three plies: two nylon casing plies and one aramid tread ply. The use of nylon and aramid (as opposed to other materials like steel or polyester) provides the opportunity to maximize stability and performance while minimizing overall tire weight. The Power One™ tires' architecture was designed for a balance between high-performance handling, durability and grip. is owned and operated by ATV Direct, LLC.